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 Left to right: Cayly Batchelor, Thanh Pham, Lela Bakouros, Ashley Durham & Sirus

Left to right: Cayly Batchelor, Thanh Pham, Lela Bakouros, Ashley Durham & Sirus



Ashley Durham

Founder - President

  • Diamond level – Pro-Advisor

    • QuickBooks Online

    • QuickBooks Desktop

  • Certified Public Bookkeeper

  • Notary Public

  • Licensed Tax Preparer

  • AASBC Consultant

Born and raised on a farm just outside of Mount Hood, Ashley is a true Oregonian through and through. Her passion for finance started at an early age, during high school and college years she started freelance bookkeeping for small businesses and after graduating from the University of Oregon she became a corporate accountant. Quickly realizing her true calling and eager to work more directly with small business owners, Ashley took her decade of accountant experience and founded Skyline Bookkeeping. 

While her prior background experience involved a variety of different industries, that has provided her with the opportunity to be able to customize and adapt QuickBooks for nearly any business or situation. Her greatest triumph comes from helping clients establish systems and strategies that provide valuable financial information while also keeping their businesses running smoothly with minimal time and effort. 

Outside of the office, Ashley has very diverse interests. An automotive and motorcycle enthusiast — from drag racing, time attack and drifting, you’ll catch her at the race track. Also an animal and human rights activist, she is a sitting board member for “bully breed” and professional development non-profits. When shes not dedicating her time to others — she enjoys world traveling, exploring different cultures and truly enjoying all that life has to offer.


Cayly Batchelor

Cayly comes to us from the heart of Portland, growing up in Southeast with her large tight-knit Italian family. Graduating from the University of Oregon and focused on Business Administration, she took her education and immediately applied it to her position in office administration here at Skyline.

A strong believer in the success of small businesses and the clerical duties of which follow, Cayly works as the hub of client relations while maintaining our day-to-day office operations. She finds passion in being an advocate for not only businesses, but individuals in need. She has led many successful charitable organizations focused on varying advocacy outlets and community outreach programs. Cayly's passion for helping others succeed is reflected tremendously in the work she does for our clients. Her overall goal is to help businesses grow and prosper through the work we complete, on a daily basis.

In her free time, she is an avid fitness enthusiast — also a passionate advocate about mental health and over all personal well-being.


Lela Bakouros

Lela grew up just outside of Portland and developed a strong work ethic at a young age by working on her on her family’s farm. She was drawn to business management classes at Oregon State University with a growing passion to be involved in the local economy. After taking her first accounting class, Lela realized what aspect of business she connected with most — With a few years of working as an accounting assistant for her families food service business she decided that she was looking to make even more of an impact within the community.

Growing up in a small business home has helped her to see all aspects of what a business requires to function. She is not afraid to wear multiple hats, which is why she found Skyline Bookkeeping to be a comfortable familiar environment. She was drawn to Skyline, because of their respect and strong passion to assist business owners thrive in any way possible.

Outside of the office Lela enjoys spending time with her family, surf trips on the Oregon Coast, and training horses with her dog.


Thanh Pham

Thanh was born and raised in Vietnam, making the move with her family to California to pursue their goals and aspirations. After receiving her Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts, respectively, she moved to Oregon and joined a public tax firm as an accounting assistant. During her time there she had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of companies in multiple industries.

After working in public tax filing for two years, Thanh discovered Skyline Bookkeeping and was immediately drawn to their culture and the opportunities they could provide working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. Given her future career goals and personal values, she found it to be a great fit and was excited when offered the opportunity to join their team.

Personally, Thanh loves making a difference in and out of the office — Encompassing a passion surrounding diversity, culture, love for baking and exploring and enjoying all that Pacific Northwest has to offer.


Sirus durham

Office Fun-Haver

Sirus enjoys long walks during break time, greeting all our clients with kisses and offering up his favorite toy for your entertainment. He appreciates the small things in life, like chasing squirrels and getting treats from the mailman.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, we’ve got your guy.