Personal Finances

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Skyline offers serviced to individuals who need assistance with their personal finances. Maybe you don’t have time to keep on top of your personal bills and budget, maybe you just don’t like it, or perhaps you have an elderly relative who could us assistance. Let us help!

How we can help: 

Personal finances & household budgeting

  • Develop a saving and spending plan by identifying you goals and needs, your cash inflows and your cash outflows. Monthly reports can be provided comparing actual income and expenses to your plan to help you stay on top of your financial picture. We provide serviced at your home or office for your convenience.
  • Organize your financial records by reviewing you recurrent and past payments so we know what needs to be paid each month. We scan and save statements and bills so that you can find them when you need them.  
  • Schedule your bill payments by tracking your due dates, providing monthly or weekly reports, and scheduling electronic payments from your checking account. 
  • Reconcile you bank account by maintaining your records in our online bill pay system. 
  • Maximize your tax deductions by tracking your spending by category. 
  • As a result, summary and detail reports are easy to run at tax time. 

Right for your family?

A few reasons why

  • The mountain of papers has become overwhelming.
  • During periods of stress.
  • When you’re being pulled in too many directions. 
  • When you cannot reconcile your monthly bank statements and balance your checkbook.
  • When your tax records are disorganized and you’re not ready for your tax accountant. 
  • If you’re having vision or mobility problems affecting your ability to handle the mechanics of attending to financial obligations. 
  • When you find yourself part of the Sandwich Generation (adult children caring for their parents while simultaneously raising their own children). 
  • When you are travelling domestically or internationally. 

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